10 reasons, why visit Karlovy Vary

Everyone is different. And so for every person, Karlovy Vary offers something unique, personal, original. We chose 4 types of typical visitors of our city and prepare a summary of the 10 reasons for which it is worth visiting Karlovy Vary.

1. Colonnades, springs
The most famous pictures of Karlovy Vary come precisely from the city center. Introduce to your family the beauties of spa architecture and taste each of the 15 springs.

2. Spa woods
Karlovy Vary is not only a showcase of beautiful architecture for tourists. Do you know where the locals go? The go to the spa woods. Meditate surrounded by nature. Alone, with friends or family.

3. Moser glassworks
Enjoy an extraordinary experience of working within glassmakers Moser glassworks. Walk your way through glass masters in the largest Czech glass factory which has been operating since 1893. Caution, it’s hot!

4. International Film Festival
Hundreds of actors and directors, a plethora of interesting films that you will never see in the multiplex, dozens of world premieres. And most importantly: unreal atmosphere of thousands of spectators every year, who are going to Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Who did not experience it, could not understand …

5. Spa treatment
Every drop of water, which you taste, fell from the rainclouds hundreds of years ago. And in that time healing minerals really had a lot of work to do. Get to know the effects of local mineral water tested since 1350.

6. KSO / Theater
Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic is known as an important cultural center. Listen to the tunes played by the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra, or visit one of the theaters in Karlovy Vary.

7. Hot Spring Underground
Mentioned colonnades in the middle of Karlovy Vary is known by almost everyone, but what about an excursion to see underground itself, where thermal water rises? Do not forget to visit with your family this unusual place.

8. Karlovy Vary Half Marathon
Are you with the friends part of today’s omnipresent runners? Overcome your maximum on the youngest czech race of RunCzech series that is even awarded by a gold stamp IAAF.

9. Trips to the surroundings
Tempted by castles, ruins and monasteries or perhaps natural beauties? We have prepared an overview of the top 20 trips around Karlovy Vary. Choose what interests you now.

10. Museums and galleries
You want to go for entertainment? Eager to learn more about the technology, nature or are you an art lover? Karlovy Vary hides a dozen art galleries and museums. Which exposure is right for you?

Family on a trip

You are planning a sightseeing trip for your family? Maybe you did not even think how interesting, instructive and accessible places offers Karlovy Vary. Entertainment, learning, nature, monuments. Everyone can choose what they like. Look at 10 reasons why Karlovy Vary is an ultimate aim for family holiday.


Spa guest

Do you want to see the most famous places or to know the secret nooks into which ordinary tourists can not reach during your spa stay in Karlovy Vary? Save time and calmly examine the 10 places that you definitely should not miss.


Young couple

Are you planning a trip together? And you are thinking about some magical place that offers beautiful sights, sceneries and also a lot of romance? Look at 10 reasons why the attention of young couples should not avoid Karlovy Vary.


Party boys & girls

Do you want to spend a day or two or even a whole week with your friends and fully enjoy it? Do you want to know every day something different and really memorable? Look at 10 reasons why you should visit Karlovy Vary.



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