Karlovy Vary cake

Karlovy Vary cake (wafer cake)

Alfred Bayer, the founder of the famous wafer bakery in Karlovy Vary remembers: Each household in and outside Karlovy Vary knew how to bake wafers  as earlyas in the late 18th century. Especially the owners of private hotels pampered their guests with this delicacy. A single wafer sprinkled with sugar and walnuts is the most typical. However lots of other sorts were added later….today there are countless sorts.

Barbra Nasler married the policeman Michael Bayer from Karlovy Vary in 1854. She was the first wafer baker who was courageous enough to offer spa visitors bigger amounts of wafers. Her son Alfred Bayer continued the tradition.

The brand Kolonáda keeps probably being the best even today. You can make a delicious Karlovy Vary cake from the simplest wafers (blue package) yourself. To make it, not to bake it because the wafers have already been baked  It is quick, you only have to cook the creme, spread it on a wafer and repeat until all the wafers and filling are used and then you have to wait ….. to wait for a few hours. It is worth the waiting!

When you come to Karlovy Vary one day, eat a warm wafer at a stand in the street and you will be enthusiastic.

Karlovy Vary cake
Karlovy Vary cake


8 – 10 wafers

Filling (creme)

100 g butter
100 g caster sugar
20 g cocoa powder
2 tbsp cream 33%
1 packing of pudding powder
0.5 l milk
chocolate glaze
walnut halves as decoration

How to make it

Follow the instructions on the bag and cook pudding. Mix caster sugar and cocoa powder, stir them in the pudding. and cool the mass down. Stir butter until fluffy, then mix it together with whipped cream in the pudding. Spread the creme on the wafer and repeat the process till all wafers are used. Pour chocolate glaze over the last wafer and decorate it with walnut halves. Cool down for a few hours.

Karlovy Vary cake
Karlovy Vary cake

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